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Dr. Deann Butler is a learning professional, podcast host, and CEO of a healthcare consulting business 

Deann has over 15 years of healthcare experience in nonprofit, corporate, and healthcare startups and trained over 10000 healthcare professionals. She realized that many women often feel unheard, undervalued, underpaid, and overworked. She founded Connected Consultants with the goal to amplify the voices of women and people of color in healthcare.  

Dr. Butler holds several healthcare degrees including a BS, MA,  MHA, and MBA.  In 2020, she completed her DHA by defending her research project “Let's Get R.E.A.L.:  Defining Structural Racism is the First Step Towards Health Equity.  She has worked in nonprofit, corporate insurance, and healthcare startups. Some of the companies include Planned Parenthood, the American Cancer Society, Humana, Cityblock, and Eleanor.  Her goal is to ensure healthcare professionals are encouraged, motivated, and have opportunities to learn.  2021 saw her launch Becoming the Consulting Connect where she coaches women healthcare professionals to monetize their expertise through consulting and providing a podcast to increase their visibility.  

When not working she is spending time with her partner, two kids, and extended family.  I love a good trip so if someone plans it I'm on the plane.  My ultimate dream is to continue traveling the world, help women launch consulting careers, and lead thought-provoking conversations on racism in healthcare.

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