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Speaking by Dr. Deann Butler, The Healthcare Connector

Amplifying the voices of women and people of color through consulting, coaching, speaking, and podcasting

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Becoming the Consulting Connect

Amplify Your Voice & Monetize Your Expertise

During this keynote, Dr. Butler tells you a story of how combined her passion and purpose into a consulting business.  She provides you with a breakdown of her proven framework that you can use monetize your expertise and create the life you deserve

Lets Get R.E.A.L

Its Time to Address
Structural Racism in Healthcare

Racism is a driver of health disparities in minority populations.  That's a fact.  In this session, we provide information on how racism impacts healthcare, as well as, four actionable steps people/organizations must take to address racism within healthcare.  Participants leave this session ready to take action and transform their organization.

Language Matters

Developing a Shared Understanding of Racism in Healthcare

Talking about racism is hard, especially when we often misuse the terminology.  In this training, we provide information on the levels of racism and concrete examples of how it impacts healthcare.  We conclude with actionable steps to continue reflecting on this phenonmenon and become comfortable with these crucial conversations.

Speaking: Speaking
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